The main objective of this research will be to determine the specific places of the quarries of ancient whetstones and implement the possible lines of work derived from this topic: physical qualities, exploitation systems and techniques and the environmental, political, economic and even ideological consequences of control of such raw materials at local, regional and levels in Roman Age. In the same way, integrate this knowledge in the Europe of the 21st century.

Piedras de afilar: (otras) grandes olvidadas de los estudios arqueológicos

Whetstones: (Another) Great forgotten in Archaeological Studies

European Project

COTES wants to solve the historical-archaeological reality of the exploitation of sharpening stones in the Roman world and its consequences during Ancient History.

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In years of experience, I am contributing to numerous archaeological projects that helped to study the Past and Present in the Iberian Peninsula and Europe. This one of grindstones began in 2002 and is finally being developed in 2019.

Dr. Pedro R. Moya-Maleno PhD
IP / PI Cotes
ORCID: 0000-0001-9417-0796
ResearcherID: D-6513-2017

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Esta actividad ha recibido una subvención de la Secretaría General de Política de Defensa del Ministerio de Defensa.


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